Positioning of industrial development:

            Taking the electrical equipments as the core business to strengthen and enlarge GWE’s electrical industry;

            Taking new energy industry and hydropower stations integration solution as new growth engine to professionalize and strengthen GWE’s subsidiary industry.

        Positioning of products:

            Product positioning will seize up on high end market. Updating the present products to intelligent, energy-saving and environment-friendly, high reliability products. Accelerate products structure adjustment, attaining the objectives of “develop the HV industry; specialize the MV industry; integrate the LV industry; system integration solution; two wing industries develop coordinately”, provide the customers with comprehensive electrical system solution.


        Positioning of function

            The function positioning of GWE parent company is: decision-making center, investment and income center, capital operating center, human resource configuration center, and marketing planning center. Subsidiary companies are manufacture and profit center.

        Development target

            Seizing the good opportunity of the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone Development Plan, and government relevant policies, taking Tianshui as developing base, “GWE” brand as communication bond, subsidiary company’s industry as core business, taking the principle of “do some things, and leave some things undone”, through integrating the industry chain of GWE, building GWE’s service system on the basis of “division on specialization, servicing on a complete network, cooperation on mutual benefit”, to achieve the tactical target of “Unify brand image, optimizing resources configuration; focusing on system integration, division of labour based on specialization; exerting regional advantage, enhancing enterprise's competitiveness; promoting western electrical city construction, creating GWE’s industrial cluster”.

            By the end by the end of “the 12th Five-Year Plan”,the GWE’s the key industry (the electrical equipment) sales revenue will reach to 4.5 billion Yuan. HV switchgear sales revenue will reach to 0.3 billion Yuan. MV switchgear sales revenue will reach to 1.0 billion Yuan. LV switchgear sales revenue will reach to 0.5 billion Yuan. LV electrical components sales revenue will reach to 0.7 billion Yuan. Industry integrating and emerging will add sales revenue 0.3 billion. System integrating, new energy industry and automatic control devices sales revenue will reach 1.0 billion. Juice processing and hydroelectric power station units sales revenue will reach 0.7 billion.

        Management goal

            Implementing continuous management innovation.

            Taking the efficiency organization as operating carrier, impeccable managing plan as system support, management information digitalizing as method, Keeping on management reforming, implement GWE’s efficient and standardized parent-subsidiary group management system, fostering a efficient, practical and innovation management team, adapt to increasing competitive market.