Industry development strategy

            Taking “GWE” brand as center, rely on Great wall electrical develop institute and specialization diversion, based on subsidiary company’s technology, manufacture, marketing, equipments, management and other resources, according to the principle of “administrative guiding,unify planning, investment pulling, integrated developing”, attaining the industry developing goal of “develop the HV industry; specialize the MV industry; integrate the LV industry; system integration solution; two wing industries develop coordinately”, provide the customers with comprehensive electrical system solution.

        1.Developing the HV industry

            Further adjusting the product structure of Great Wall Electrical, positioning the products on “High starting point, high threshold, high certificate, high benefit”, increasing investment on HV products, expand HV switchgear equipment from present 126KV grade to 252KV and 330KV grade. making the HV industry to develop to upper market, high technology level and high added-value. Reaching the HV switchgear annual production capacity to 500 units on the  present 200 units production capacity basis by the end of 2015, achieve the goal of key operation scale of HV products sales revenue reach to 0.3 billion.

        2. Specializing on the MV industry

            Based on present MV switchgear technology superiority, upgrade to intelligent, high reliability and energy saving equipment, adapt to usage on high efficiency clean energy, wind generating, nuclear power station, solar energy and rail way. Broaden MV products usage and make the MV products sales revenue reach 1.0 billion.

        3. Integrating the LV industry

        3.1 Developing the LV components

            Upgrade LV components to generation 4 intelligent and communication capable products. Design new products which are suitable for new energy, electric Locomotive, dust-proof and other special industries, expand its market space. steadily increase control electrical apparatus market share, greatly improving the distribution electrical apparatus market share, and make the LV products sales revenue reach 0.7  billion RMB by the end of 2015 .

        3.2 Integrating the present LV manufactory

            Seizing the good opportunity of the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone Development Plan, and government relevant policies, based on present experience of GWE’s LV switchgear equipment producing, build GWE LV equipment subsidiary company. This subsidiary will integrate the original sources, upgrade technology and equipment, produce professionally on bigger scale, implement LV switchgear equipment sales revenue reaching 0.5 billion RMB.

        3.3 Integrating the related sub supplier

            Taking “GWE” brand as bond, subsidiary company’s industry as core business, merging and integrating Tianshui electrical industries. Based on the principle of “Unify brand image, unify market developing, unify quality standards, unify pricing, unify components supply, unify products certification, unify purchasing management, unify settlement system”, to set up some  electrical Parts manufacturing companies, such as cubicle manufacturing company, iron core manufacturing company, spring manufacturing company, Packing company, molds manufacturing company, Plastic parts manufacturing company,forming a complete electrical industry manufacturing and supply chain. Further improve the collaborated manufacturing capacity and level of Tianshui electrical industry, increasing the GWE sales revenue with 0.3 billion.

        4.System integration servicing

            4.1 Relying on GWE’s brand and existed electrical devices manufacture ability, merging and integrating the transmission and distribution enterprise on the basis of capital operation, improving GWE’s designing and construction ability on power transmission and distribution projects. Uniting the design Institutes and construction enterprises to develop domestic and international general construction contracting of transmission and distribution projects, provide the customers with electrical system integration solution on  power generating, transforming, transmission, distribution and automatic controlling, enhance the GWE’s integration ability, and make the integration servicing sales revenue reach to 0.3 billion RMB.

            4.2  Stabilizing the market share of oil drilling rig electric control devices; improving the market share of traditional preponderant automation control devices; adequately giving play to technology superiority, emphasizing on developing wind power generating control system, large-capacity converters, high accuracy power supply digital controller, solar photovoltaic generating integration system, electric power quality control device and other high technology products, make its annual sales revenue reach to 0.4 billion RMB.  

            4.3 Further expanding the market share of the busway products, special contactors and crane electric control devices. Busway products will be developed to different direction, Aiming at the market of high-rise buildings and workshop power distribution, develop low end compact, economic busway; Aiming at the market of power plant and power transformation station, develop high end high voltage and medium voltage busway; Aiming at the market of metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, coal, rail way and wind power generation, emphasizing on developing duty-heavy contactors, DC contactors and other electrical apparatus. Crane electric control devices will develop towards large scale, digitalization, high accuracy, position controlling, remote controlling, by these means to make its operation scale increased to 0.3 billion RMB.  

        5. Two wing industries develop coordinately

            5.1 Setting up Tianshui juice group company to rationalize the property right structure and management system, accelerate market and products   restructuring, to make its operation scale reach to 0.5 billion RMB.    

            5.2 Setting up Lanzhou Great Wall electrical power equipment company to actively develop and operate new hydroelectric power station in the basis of standardizing and integrating the existed hydroelectric power industry, to make its operation scale reach to 0.2 billion RMB.