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        The Great Wall electrical-set sail dream place

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        The second China industry awards commendation congress was held in Beijing's great hall of the people, the national notice in industrial enterprises only 7 home (project) has won the award. China's industrial awards is approved by the state council, in our country industry the most comprehensive and scientific, influence and representative of the highest award, is the national awards in technology, production, operation and management of the leading domestic and international advanced level, and to promote the industry development and enhance the comprehensive national strength made a major contribution to the enterprise.
        As China's important equipment manufacturing enterprise, the core backbone power complete project general contracting enterprise, national high and new technology enterprise to honor the the highest honor, marked change especially electrician in independent innovation, strengthen the industry on the process of international competitiveness, in the enterprise technology innovation, brand strategy, economies of scale and comprehensive management to achieve the leading domestic and world advanced level, as the national industrial development level, national economic strength ascension and new industrialization has made significant contribution to the construction.

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