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        The biggest domestic ultra-high voltage ac/dc technology

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        On May 26, change especially electrician hengyang transformer Co., LTD 1000 kV ac uhv transformer, reactor and + 800 kV dc in the transformer technical renovation programs ceremony started ceremony in southern power transmission and transformation change especially electrical industrial park was held. Ceremony by vice mayor DengKe host, hengyang city truck company general manager of people change in this ceremony in hengyang secretary of municipal party committee of the speech, sheu announced the commencement, deputy secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor ZhangZiYin speech at the ceremony, the national development and reform commission of hunan province, the letter by the committee, and other relevant department or bureau, offices in charge and hengyang municipal party committee and the city government, the people's congress and the CPPCC four sets of group mainly responsible attended the ceremony ceremony.
        The project construction, marks a change, the development of the company and balance in the open the new one page. Implement the technology after the transformation, the balance in the company will promote quickly become ultra-high voltage ac/dc products production, product structure focus gradually turned to high-end market, improve the high-end products market share, and realize the value change company "three adjustment" and strengthen the development goals. The project plan years after the completion of the project are put into operation, the company will have value change the largest ultra-high voltage transformer, reactor 1000 kV and + 800 kV, + 1100 kV dc in the transformer production flow make ability, annual capacity of 20 million kVA can increase, and will be more than 1000 new jobs. The technology reform project is put into production value further speed up the pace of development of change, change for balance "1025" hit to cause tens of billions of enterprise group laid solid foundation.

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