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        Lanzhou International solar energy application technology of trainees to visit the company

        Number of visits: Date:2012-09-10 17:02

        On the afternoon of August 27,more than 30 students to participate in the Lanzhou international Solar application of technicaltraining courses in the Great Wall electrical chief engineer,the deputy general manager ZhangJiancheng accompanied down to visit the Great Wall electrical owned enterprises Tianshui Changcheng Switchgear Co.,Ltd And
        Tianshui electric drive research institute Co.,Ltd.

        Lanzhou international solar energy application technology training course visited the Changcheng Switchgear Co.,Ltd and electric drive research institute Co.,Ltd as part of the company's production site.

        These students from more than 20 developing countries in Asia、Africa South America,mainly for the energy sector officials of various countries,the energy business leaders and professional engineering and technical personnel.


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