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        The eye of the world focus value change again

        Number of visits: Date:2011-09-22 14:52

        The eye of the world focus value change again on August 27, 2011, change especially electrician hengyang transformer limited company rapid development drew the eyes of the world again by the state ministry of commerce, the host of "developing countries renewable energy technology training" from Asia, Africa, Europe and America's 25 countries 45 delegates to the truck came for technical communication and become company with us. This is the 2010 April 18 nearly 20 countries ambassador and counsellor in hengyang the scene through the simultaneous translation listen to "value change voice" later, the world looked to focus on value change. This is to balance for technical communication and negotiation of 25 countries 45 students visited the value change company has the world first-class modern production workshop, especially in the visit to the assembly workshop and ultrahigh pressure test the hall the foreign guests set up constantly thumb, to value the company at present have become the key equipment, has the production capacity and technical level of them highly evaluation and praise, different color of skin, the different nationality foreign friends to witness the value of the variable company level of equipment, testing methods and the ability of independent innovation.

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