• Name: Braking unit

        Product introduction: BU (Braking unit) is a single-directional energy transmit unit, for transmitting excess energy of common DC bus system to dead resistance, and  being inversed into thermal energy and consumed, which need cooperate with dynamic resistance. BU can be ordered separately, dynamic resistance need to be ordered separately.
        Features of brake unit:
        Ø Braking unit operates independently according to DC bus voltage, and has nothing to do with the variable frequency converter.
        Ø DC bus voltage to provide power supply for braking unit.
        Ø Braking unit can be connected in parallel in order to improve braking power.
        Ø Can improve the dynamic performance of driver in load generating running.
        Ø In some cases, can save the cost of AFE investment.
        Main application areas:
        Ø The braking of three-phase asynchronous motor powered by variable frequency converter.
        Ø Using for braking of drive system of large moment torque.
        Ø Need the drive system with fast braking, such as saws, grinders and milling machines.
        Ø Dynamic braking of large drive.
        Product category
        According to working voltage of common variable frequency converter, braking unit is divided into several voltage levels (Table 1), other work equipments can make the appropriate change or order in accordance with its operating voltage.