• Name: Series TSACD of Cascaded Medium Voltage Converter

        For 2.3kV to 10kV, 220kW to 5000kW AC asynchronous motor
        V / F, vector control
        Ideal for energy-saving speed regulation
        With the development of global industrialization, industrial motors cost more than a billion degrees of electricity per year, accounting for global electricity consumption by 50%. In growing energy-shortage today, selecting the proper frequency converter can be achieved more precise, effective control for motors, fans, pumps and other equipments, thus reducing operating costs.
        Series TSACD cascaded medium voltage converter produced by Tianshui Electric Drive Research Institute Co., Ltd., that is designed for energy-saving environmental requirements for  high efficiency, speed smooth, precise control and low costs of maintenance. Its outstanding performances have been widely used in power generation, petroleum, steel, mining, paper, cement, urban water supply and sewage treatment and other fields. Tianshui Electric Drive Research Institute Co., Ltd. is also one of the earliest companies in domestic for developing medium voltage inverter. In 2001, the first generation of medium voltage converter developed by our company is applied to the heat and power plant pump house of a steel company. Our company has an extensive knowledge, skilled and experienced R & D team. To help you improve productivity, enhance energy efficiency, reduce operating costs will be our forever pursuits.