• Name: Wind Generation Converter Device

        Wind generation is one of the cleanest energy sources to the future. The megawatt full-power wind generation inverter developed by our company is the bridge and tie between wind generator and electric network, which is one kind of device to transform the changeable wind power into stable electricity, to feed in electric network. Through AC-DC converter control, the high-power variable-speed constant-frequency wind generation system to transform changeable wind energy into a constant- frequency-voltage AC to feed in electric network, to ensur a stable and reliable on-line operation for wind generator-sets, and ultimately to realize the maximum-power outputting control.
        Series TSW megawatt wind generation converter developed by our company(TEDRI Co.,Ltd) is designed for variable-speed constant-frequency wind generation system, it is the the derivative products of Series TSACD Inverter (400V/690V, 300kW-1500kW, four-quadrant vector control inverter, see samples). It is mainly divided into:
        Full-power wind generation converter TSW-I
        Megawatt double-feed wind generation converter TSW-II