• Name: i-AZ1-12/T630 (1250)-25(31.5)Case Type Fixed Indoor AC Metal-Enclosed Switchgear(C-GIS)

        i-AZ1-12(12kV C-GIS) is developed by Tianshui Changcheng Switchgear Factory, which has characteristics of “whole insulation”,“full-enclosed”,“intellgence”.It suits for distribution system that the voltage range from 3 to 12Kv. The product has two forms: fixed unit combined type and flexible extensible type. It meets requirements of network node, user terminal, and many transformer substations which need compact switchgears.
        i-AZ1-12(12kV C-GIS) Switchgear Series are novelty in structure, compact in layout. All live parts are placed in stainless steel gas chamber, sealed entirely. The whole switchgear is free from outside environment, so it can make sure operating reliability and personal safety, and achieve free maintenance. Users can get modular design at will by selecting extensible busbars. The extensible busbars make products more reliable and safe due to its entire insulation and shielded effect. The switchgear can fulfill intelligent control by adopting a monitoring unit and a microcomputer multiple protection devices.
        i-AZ1-12(12kV C-GIS) Switchgear Series comply to standards of GB/T11022、GB3906、JB/T 3855、GB1985、GB/T 16927.1、IEC 62271-200.  Their designment life-span is 30 years under the normal condition.