• Name: GFM1 series of enclosed reinforced insulation type high-voltage busway

        Product Overview
        GFM1-400 ~ 5000A series of enclosed reinforced insulation type high-voltage busway, mainly for the electrical connection between transformer and the high-voltage switchboard, and  the electrical connection between large factories and mines of the power supply system, a large substation, large enterprises owned power plant, generator and step-up transformer ,is widely used in the voltage range of 3  ~ 35KV, current level of 400 ~ 5000A of the transmission and distribution equipment.
        Main features
        High-strength structural
        The product structure using a common -phase type structure, between each phase bus with the high-strength, high-performance DMC insulating support block clamp fixed, to make the product as a whole rigid, has good thermal stability and dynamic load performance. Novel compact structure, elegant appearance, strong overloads capacity, low temperature rise, safe and reliable.
        Reliable insulation
        Full-length plastic package between each phase bus by adopt HV heat-shrinkable sleeve, improve the reliability of high voltage busbar insulation reliability can be used in the following areas 2000M above sea level. The product has a high dielectric strength, insulation evenly, and long life.
        Flexible universal joints, efficient and reliable installation
        GFM1 series high-voltage busway installed adopting plug–in type movable joint connecting method, unique butterfly washer and high strength single bolt guarantee force equilibrium of connecting surface, effectively reducing the joint temperature rise, and on-site installation easy, fast, easy disassembly for maintenance, reduced outage time and range.