• Name: QY2K Series AC crane thyristor stator adjusting voltage and speed control device

        Series QY2K AC Crane Thyristor Stator Voltage-Regulating Speed- Regulating Control Devices are mainly used for three-phase AC asynchronous winding motor in the four quadrants to achieve a level or variable speed. QY2K control device and master controller, the rotor contacts the rotor resistance, tachometer generator composed of a complete control system for control and protection of crane hoisting mechanism, rotating mechanism, translation mechanism three-phase asynchronous winding motor starting , speed control, reversing and braking. Variable speed range of 0-100%, completed by the thyristor commutation of stator, with dead time is small, commutation rapidly, comprehensive protection function, the use of safe and reliable. Especially suitable for large-scale professional crane, such as metallurgy, installation, ports and power station gantry cranes and other applications requiring high speed performance of the application.