• Name: EVH1 Indoor M.V Vacuum Circuit Breaker

        ● Simple structure, few individual parts
        Compact design, small size, low weight;
        ● Full function, high reliability
        The orderly and centralized arrange of operating buttons and indicators;
        ● Easy maintenance
        The whole mechanism or some parts can be replaced or repaired;
        New technology- vacuum interrupter made in SIEMENS
        ● Low cut-off current, small contact resistance
        ● Rare contacts wear within long mechanical and electric life
        ● Contacts with axial magnetic field structure
        Closed main circuit structure
        ● The vacuum interrupters are embedded in the insulation tubes, which can prevent from being damaged by the external factors.
        ● Special silicon rubber materials are used for reducing the vibration caused by circuit breaker operation.
        ● At the same time, it effectively interrupts the creepage of vacuum interrupter surface, thus reducing the volume of main circuit.
        Vacuum interrupters & the operating device work together
        With PRO-E software analysing and calculating, the integrated layout structure makes vacuum interrupters and the operating device work together in a good state. The test proves that the contact has less amount of wear.
        Compact structure design
        Few individual parts within circuit breaker, structure layout is rational.
        Extensive application
        It can fit fixedly or assemble with various draw-out switchgears such as KYN28, KYN79 type.