• Name: GSH2 Range Reverse Switch

        1. APPLICATION
        GSH2 switch for the exchange of 50Hz, rated voltage 400V below, the following 230V DC voltage for frequent manual does not get through, breaking the conversion or exchange of load DC Circuit, directly and asynchronous motor control of the three main control circuit , The standard back-end switch may be a small current change-over switch, do auxiliary switch.
        Products meet the standard GB14048.3,GB14048.5,and IEC/EN60947-3、IEC60947-5-1。
        △  Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃,average temperature ≤35℃ in 24H.
        △  Elevation≤3000m;
        △  Relative humidity is not exceeding 50% at the maximum ambient temperature +40℃. Should give consideration to the dews, which would appear due to temperature change;
        △  Location point of view, code-named: 4(45°) ;6 (60°) ;9 (90°). Median of rotating file, location point of view and operation code respectively "parade actuators corresponding combination code and location of the map"; one-product operation targeting empty spaces;
        △  Figure contact numbers see map, for example, the number of its rules:
        A. Figure contact numbers said 4-digit.
        B.The first meaning of the figures: 1, said the use of UPS; that more than 2 file switch (double throw, third gear, fourth gear, five gear, stepping and gear shift); 3 that the use of electric motors; 4, said voltage and current measurement use; 5 counter that the use of capacitor; 9, said other.
        C.After the 3-digit serial number with that of a timing point of each serial number (serial number of multi-profile switch node in the light of the rules can map).
        △  Operation: ①location; ② self-rehabilitation; ③ location self-rehabilitation
        △  Locations, self-rehabilitationare 1-8 section, the direct control of motors are 1-6 section.