• Name: KYN79-24-- Modularized Switchgear

         The cabinet body is assembled with the section-materials framework made of aluminum alloy and the aluminum-zinc coated steel plates machined and bent by the NC machines. It is completely metalcladed and comparted.
         The reliable interlocking device can ensure that the operation of all components can be carried out with the door of the switchgear being closed. 
         The framework is provided with modularized structure, which is convenient to be transported.
         The width of the switchgear is 1000mm, while the other insulation means are not used in the main circuit. The air-insulated distance between phases, between phase and ground reaches 180mm.
         The perfect conductivity of the aluminum-alloy section materials provides the cabinet body with lower earthing resistance (≤150μΩ), and avoids the eddy and heating of the cabinet body due to long-term running.
         With simple and reliable interlocking functions which can prevent incorrect operation.
         Can be equipped with type EVH1-24 vacuum circuit breaker developed and manufactured by us, as well as imported vacuum circuit breaker VD4. The KYN79-24 switchgears provide the users a big space to user to adopt equipped breakers.
         Can adopt the aluminum-alloy busbar which is tube shaped as the main busbar. The electric field is well-proportioned and the load current is stable.
         Rich space in cable compartment for connecting more pieces of cables.
         The rapid earthing switch is used for earthing and short connection of the circuit. The forcible mechanical locking device can lock the earthing switch in the closed or opened position reliably. 
         With small size, light weight, and is convenient to be installed and adjusted.
         Type GWZ-12 on-line monitoring device for measuring the temperature-rise of the contacts can be provided.