• Name: Low-voltage large-capacity variable frenquency converter

        Product introduction: TSACD Series low-voltage large-capacity variable frenquency converter composed of modular and high performance system units, different combinations of these units are suitable for various applications: variable frequency converter connected to three-phase electricity network, the inverter connected to DC bus. Using the front-end unit to provide power supply to DC bus, as a system module, they can provide appropriate solutions for separate drive or multi-motor drive. Mainly contains two parts: front-end unit and inverter unit. Front-end unit: the front-end unit can transform AC voltage and current of input side into DC voltage and current of common DC bus, thus transmit the energy from power supply side to common DC bus (in certain circumstances, the energy can transmit reversely). AFE (Active front-end) is a bi-directional (can feedback energy) rectify device in the common DC bus system, the input side need to be equipped with LCL filter. This front-end module is suitable for applications that require very low harmonic of electricity network or need energy feedback. AFE can improve the DC bus power supply (default value is +10%) to greater than voltage rated value (1.35UN) of DC bus. AFE need a pre-charging circuit, but no need any external test equipment. AFE can be connected in parallel with each other, and no need special connections. AFE can together with inverter access to the same field bus system, and controlled and monitored by the Field bus. AFE can be ordered separately. NFE (Non-regenerative front-end) is a single-directional (electric direction) rectify device in common DC bus system, NFE adopts diode or thyristor components, the working mode such as a diode bridge, the input side is equipped with the special reactor, NFE units can charge for the DC bus, which suitable for applications that no more requirements for harmonic and no need energy feedback. NFE can be no external charging circuit, because the charging process can be completed by control thyristor, AFE can be connected in parallel with each other, and no special connections, NFE can be ordered separately. Inverter unit: INU (inverter unit) is a bi-directional DC power inverter for supplying power and controlling motor. INU is powered by a common DC bus system. If need directly connect to the DC bus, should install pre-charge circuit, the pre-charging in DC power supply side of rectify unit lower than 75kW is built-in, the rectify unit above 75kW need to add the pre-charge circuit. INU can be ordered separately. Main features: Ø excellent reliability Ø based on full digital vector control technology Ø power range from 50kW to 500 kW Ø Auto identification function of load parameters and controller optimization Ø Control function: the V / F control with superimposed speed control, V / F control, textile applications V / F control, speed control, torque control, frequency control (without tachometer) Ø Various field bus interfaces: PROFIBUS, CAN bus Ø Menu tips Ø Start and diagnostic functions Ø Integrated free function blocks Ø Integrated “safe stop" function Ø Control and monitor through operating panel or PC primitively Ø Integrated functions of variable frequency converter: catching restart, dynamic buffering, automatic restart, flexible response, DC brake Ø Suitable for single and multi-axis drive system Ø Cooling modes:water-cooled, air-cooled Ø The modular design of hardware and software Ø Suitable for various voltage levels around the world Ø Allow the environment and the cooling medium temperature: 0 ℃ ~ +40 ℃in operation, -25 ℃ ~ +70 ℃ in storage, -25 ℃ ~ +70 ℃ in transportation Installation altitude: elevation ≤ 1000m (load capacity is of 100%), elevation> 1000m ~ 4000m, according to reduced load curve (see instructions)