• Name: CCKX18 Series reinforced insulation type busway

        CCKX18 series busway is high strength fully enclosed reinforced insulation type, the shell of the product was rolled into ripple cover by galvanized steel and busbar conductor was fixed by ripple cover, so can withstand the thermal stress and electric power generated by high short-circuit current.
        Busway conductor adopts copper material which meets GB5585.1 -5585.3 standards and contains copper 99.9%. Connector surfaces of conductor were tinned or silver to contact well, heat low, use safely and reliably.
        Service life of busway depends on reliable, high -quality insulating materials and technology, CCKX18 series adopts special rubber insulation tube and epoxy fluidized powder to overall insulating( the rubber insulation tube has been won the national patent, patent number: ZL97239614.4) . Both insulation methods are international advanced and belong to B class insulation materials. Long-working temperatures can be up to 130℃ , has high breaking-down strength of insulation ,it can resistance to impact and inflaming retardant, anti-aging life will excess of 50 years.
        Adopting unique connecting method, plug–in type movable connector used for connecting every function unit (has been won the national patent, patent number: ZL95207020.0).
        Double Side connecting method increase to double areas of faying surface, reducing the contact resistance doubled, thereby reducing bus temperature rise.
        Unique butterfly washer and high strength single bolt guarantee force equilibrium of connecting surface.
        Because of no-hole connecting between movement joint and function unit, it cans automatic compensation system length of the stretch as the temperature changes.
        The busway can be pulled out from adjacent busbar in the no-load conditions, to isolate the fault area, reducing outage time and scope.
        Shell is designed to effectively grounding system, grounding resistance value is much smaller than standard, and configured with a 50% relative-capacity ground busbar.
        CCKX18 reinforced insulation type busway with aluminum alloy shell and antisepsis busway have following features: generic and reliable structure, good showing, lightweight and so on. Antisepsis busway is widely used in petroleum, chemical and other harsh operating conditions ideal for transmission and distribution equipment.