• Name: Automation System

        System Overview
        Automation system using advanced computer, network, PLC, field bus technology, the PLC as controlling core, man-machine interfaces for the PC, can be configured as a simple PLC + LCD coal program control system (can achieve the automation for coal  and blending), and also can be configured into complex aided-control "coal" network (not only can achieve automation for coal and coal blending, but also can achieve network control for ship unloaded system, bucket wheel system, dumper system, TV monitoring system of coal industry, coal-bearing wastewater treatment system and fuel pump control system).
        System Components
        3000 series power plant coal handling control system follows the design principle of "hierarchical decentralized control, data centralized management ". Control system is divided into three layers:
        • Field I / O layer – compose of field belt protect instrumentation, local control box etc.
        • Control layer - compose of remote station and programmed cabinet
        • Monitor level - compose of CRT or LCD operator stations and engineer stations
        Technical characteristics of coal handling control system
        1, Using advanced practical and reliable technology (PLC, computer, network, field bus technology). PLC double hot standby, dual-cable redundancy
        2, Security and reliability of system
        Software: open system architecture, configuration monitoring software package
        Hardware: double isolation: isolation between module and relay, isolation between relay and field; operating protection: local, focus manual, using operating platform with high security and stability; complete system self-diagnostic function; achieving and completing incident handling. Automatic, locking each other; dual power hot standby power supply, spare each other, on-line automatic switching; communication-cable dual redundant, auto-detection, on-line real-time switch.
        3, Friendly interface
        l Run on WINDOWS platform, long-term, stable, safe, reliable operation
        l Accident records are generated in real-time, print or inquire in real-time or retrospection
        l Can carry out the necessary system tests (such as simulation running and system self-test, etc.)
        l Can carry out unlock or interlock setting for auxiliary equipment and repair setting for main equipment.
        l System configuration is flexible, can easily carry out system dilatancy (through hardware such as the relay node to contact, also can be configured via wireless communication or RI / O station, field bus and other modes)
        l Can cooperation with industrial television system each other to achieve the automatic tracking and alarm for incident
        l Online or offline help, visual monitoring screen, realistic animation, simple and easy to learn
        l Flexible process options: flexible and reliable procedures, user-oriented management reporting.
        l Intelligent running adjustment (the amount of coal and the belt load closed-loop control can be flexibly adjusted according to the belt load on the coal)
        l Complete failure or incident handling: convenient and flexible accident re-start; overload incident handling
        l Scientific management: measuring with different furnace and warehouse; automatic statistical production data, can be sent on up-grade MIS system; inquire and print (class reports, accident records, overloading records)
        Main products:
        1.SMN3000 series coal control system of power plant
        2. WSN3000 series water network control system of power plant
        3. HSN3000 series ash network control system of power plant
        4. Industrial TV monitoring system
        5. Water network control system of power plant
        6. Network centralized monitoring system of auxiliary plant
        7. Remote control system and instrument automation system of urban feeding water and water source well-group
        8. Automatic control system of urban sewage treatment
        9. Integrated automation system for WDZ-III substation
        10. Computer monitoring system station for hydropower station
        11. Blast furnace injection automatic control system
        12. Sintering control system