• Name: JRS4-d Range Thermal Overload Relay

        1. APPLICATION
        JRS4-d range thermal overload relay is used in AC 50Hz (or 60Hz); rated voltage is up to 660V, for protecting AC motor against overload or phase-breaking.
        2. TYPE AND MEANS
         structure type                          
        △  Bimetal type
        △  Three phase
        △  Trip grade: class 10
        △  Setting current regulator devices
        △  With ambient temperature compensation
        △  With phase-breaking protect
        △  Hand operate and automatic reset
        △  With release showing
        △  Auxiliary contacts are one normally open and one normally closed;
        △  With normally closed contact disconnect button
        △  With device test button
        ■  adapt work rule
        △  8h working rule
        △  ongoing work rule
        △  Intermittent work cycle rule, operation frequency≤12 time/h